Create an fully responsive, online publication for a local or niche topic, using the Wordpress platform, as well as a online social media campaign to promote the publication.

This project ensured all design work was driven by content. I wanted to rebel against the clean, minimal healthy lifestyle magazines to create a uncensored, gritty junk food publication. This would be the unique selling point, but it was essential to find the balance between messy visuals and organised content. Research into a manly, grub-loving demographic showed that sarcastic and funny content in an accessible way was essential.

Initially, I was inspired by the punk genre. Using this, I tried to create a modern alternative to rebellion, in this dirty, greasy website, using a quirky card layout and masonry grid. I was hesitant to push the distressed nature of the website too much, not to mention the branding aspect, because I wanted a relevant, undated design.
Final Solution

juNk - a post-punk one rebelling against calorie counting, kale and jogging. It delivers controversial and whacky news related to food, outrageous recipes and video content to entertain the true lazy food lover. What’s more, #chipwhip was  a viral trend campaign to highlight the cheekiness of the brand juNk.
Role: Brand & Web Designer, Content Architect.
Tech & Resources: Illustrator, PhotoshopWordpress, HTML & CSS
Clients: University Project
Date: 2017

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